That's me and my crew up there in that fantastic photo. Because who doesn't hang out in a cute dress, sitting on top of a farm truck with their family. Anyways...

I grew up in South Jersey. In a house with what seemed like it had “revolving doors.” People were always stopping by just to say Hi, which meant that there were always people in the house. And pets, lots of pets. We always had dogs. And horses. There was always lots of laughter. And awesome Sunday night dinners. The sound and feeling of a full house is something I’ve always loved.

I met my husband in middle school. I had a crush on him, but sixth grade crushes never last, right?!? We graduated from middle school and never kept in touch. Fast forward 10 years, add high school, college and a few years working in the real world – and you have us. Facebook brought us back together - oddly enough.. I like to think that our romance is a fairytale type - but I'm super corny.

Now, years later, we have two very handsome sons. Cooper & Callen, they’re the very best things that have ever happened to us. Our kids are lucky enough to be living a perfect life – what kid doesn’t want to grow up on a farm! Nothing beats being able to run around for hours, chasing horses and dogs, and being able to get dirty. It’s every little boys dream. They really are the best boys ever!

I’m a photographer. I shoot in natural light. (My husband actually makes fun of me for stopping him to show him ‘pretty light’ – I’m a sucker for good light!) I love photographing people. Happy people. People in love. Happy families. Loving couples. Adorable children. High school seniors. Newborn babies. I love taking photos of people. I’m so lucky to have a job that lets me document people’s lives. I create memories that last a lifetime.

2019 Kaleidoscope Imagery